“Learn the basics and run with it. Run as fast as you can. War’s coming. It’s you versus them, and only creativity will name the victor!”

Me, in a nutshell…

When I’m not working, spending time with my family, or gaming, I’m obsessing over the stories in my head. Writing is one of the few things that I can talk/think about daily, without end. And when I’m not thinking of my own stories, I’m rooting someone else on to get theirs done. I’m an “odd type” who likes to help, learn, and share whatever I can. I want to see everyone strengthen their skills and talents and achieve their goals.  If not for those we admire shinning their light, we would not strive to become better ourselves.  Hindering the evolution of others, hinders yourself and kills the craft. I mean, after all, steel sharpens steel, right?

Me, outside the nutshell…

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, East New York, the youngest of three.  The flame of creativity was sparked early in my life, most in part due to my parents. They both were avid readers and film enthusiasts. My  father read Isaac Asimov science fiction, and my mother took to thrilling books of crime, horror, suspense, and mystery. In addition to the many stories they stored on their bookshelves, they amassed a vast collection of films ranging from The Bad Seed, Rear Window, Sybil, and The Omen, to Star Wars, Carrie, Friday the 13th, and Poltergeist.

Aside from my parents, the other great influences in my life were 80’s – 90’s rap/hip hop (my path to writing actually began by writing rhymes, lol), video games,  X-Men comic books, D&D books of fantasy, and cartoons like G.I. Joe and The Transformers. As I grew older, I gravitated towards Japanese animation, martial arts films, independent film, and Asian horror. I spent many hours sampling, enjoying, and studying all these great things that influenced me and set my imagination into a creative frenzy. I was lucky enough to find myself surrounded by a group of great friends who were equally enraptured by these same mediums, and together, we developed our own characters and stories to tell. To this day, I am honored to be apart of a continuous cycle of evolving creative energy.

Now, combining elements from all of my influences, I write dark tales of drama, fantasy, horror, and science fiction. I find myself pulled to shed light on the darker side of human nature, and to expose those feelings that we all harbor inside of us but were taught to keep hidden. My characters are birthed into deceptive  and unforgiving worlds to fight for survival, because it is within the instinct to survive,  that we all can find ourselves transformed, at any moment and for any reason, into a liar, a manipulator, a conspirator, a savior, and even a killer.

A few of my favorite books, animations, and Films

Absolutely Fabulous – Akira – Alien (1-2) – Angels With Dirty Faces – The Bad Seed (original) – Batoru Rowaiaru (Battle Royale) – The Book Of Eli – Buffalo’66 – Carrie – Dance of the Dead – EastEnders – Fight Club – Freeway (1-2) – Friday the 13th (1-4) – Gloria (original) – Grey’s Anatomy – Gudseura Geum-suna (Saving My Hubby) – Halloween (1-2) – Hard Candy – Ju-On – Jopog Manura (My Wife is a Gangster) – Krull – Lost – Memento – The Neverending Story – Orphan – Predator – Poltergeist – Raise The Red Lantern – Ravenloft – Ringu – The Rules of Attraction – Run Lola Run – Tenchi Muyo – Snatch – The Shape of Things – A Tale of Two Sisters – Tron – The Thing (1985 Remake) – Way of the gun – The Wheel of Time Series – 49일 (49 Days) – Sikeurit Gadeun (Secret Garden) – Boseureul Jikyeora (Protect The Boss) – Nae Yeochineun Gumiho (My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho) – Agasshireul Butakhae (My Fair Lady)

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