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BELIEVE: In Something Bigger…

Greetings, All. In this episode is another Original Music Showcase. It’s an instrumental titled BELIEVE, and it’s about not fearing the forces that be who are trying to control your life because you Believe in something bigger than them and yourself. I created this song in Garageband on my iPad

Make It Through – A Narrated Horror Flash Fiction

Greetings, Everyone! Today, I have a narrated flash fiction horror story based on one of my illustrations. I created this illustration using Daz3D Studio and Pixelmator. I hope you enjoy the illustration, the story, and its narration. Tell me what you think of it in the comments below. Until next

You Better Run, Mister!

Greetings, Everyone! This is the theme song for one of my characters. You’ll definitely hear how rock music has influenced me on this track. I love guitars! I produced it in Garageband and all images in this videos were created in Daz 3D Studio and post-worked in Pixelmator.

Salute The Commander

Greetings everyone! Today, I present to you, Cameron, who she is, what she does, and where she’s going. She’s the very first character I brought to life through 3D Illustration and the beginning of my personal journey to learn the craft.

Why I Don’t Give My Characters “Flaws”

Greetings, All. In the video below, I explain why I’m not a fan of giving my characters flaws on purpose. Check it out and let me know what’s your take on it.

Venturing into YouTube!

Greetings, Everyone! A quick update! I’m venturing out into the world of YouTube to use video as another tool to share my works and creativity, so head on over to my channel, check it out, and subscribe as I’ll be posting video’s everyone Monday pertaining to Writing, Art, Music, Film,

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