Life is full of inspirational and Cautionary Tales. All you have to do is pay attention.

Be the Light. Brighten your environment and show the world what can’t be seen without your radiance.

You have to earn the title you claim by being the definition of what it is. Action is what separates Real from Fake. Anybody can claim to be anything, but nobody can be what they’re not by definition.

Being so secure in yourself that you don’t need anyone to like you, be like you, or even agree with you is a Goal that not only allows you to be who you are, it also enables you to allow others to be who they are.

An evolving mind understands that Human ideas of what’s possible and impossible are purely based on Knowledge, Perspective, and Capability, none of which we own in absolutes. History shows us to have been wrong many more times than right about nearly everything we’ve ever encountered, even the nature and mechanics of our very own Being.

When the truth hurts, lean into it.

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