CATACOMBS: Only Slightly Charming

Catacombs, I guess it’s a horror flick, I caught it on cable, actually on On-Demand, in the horror section. It’s ok. It’s not the best I’ve seen, but it’s definitely not the worst. It has Shannyn Sossamon in it, who I’ve personally only ever seen in one of my favorite movies “The Rules of Attraction”, and Pink/Alecia Moor, who actually does a pretty good job of acting in it.

Okay, here it is: Shannyn gets a letter from her sister, Pink, requesting her to come to Paris. Once Shannyn gets to Paris we find out that she is a timid little mouse of girl, while her sister is of course the total opposite. So, of course her sister takes her to a party that is held in these old catacombs underground. While at the party, Pink’s friends tell Shannyn a story about some evil guy stalking the catacombs. So, what do you know Shannyn winds up being chased through the catacombs by said evil guy.

Nothing really new here, but one part that I liked in particular is when Shannyn runs into some french dude who happens to have a map of the catacombs. They try to find their way out of the catacombs, but the guy winds up falling in a hole and breaks one of his legs. Shannyn can’t pull him out of the hole because, well basically he’s a grown man, and she weighs about 80.lbs, lol.

Anyway, desperate to get out of the catacombs, by any means necessary, she tricks the guy in order to snatch the map from him and basically leaves him there, helpless. I don’t know why I take such joy in watching people reveal their true colors in the name of self-preservation, but I do. Here, she’s supposed to be the damsel in distress, the one character, if any, that we are supposed to care about in this film, and she screws this poor guy over royally. Refreshing.

Also, by the end of the movie, we find out that it was all one big prank and our poor trapped damsel winds up killing her sister and a few other people. An ending after my own heart. How she does it was somewhat questionable and lacking, but she does it nonetheless. Also, refreshing, poorly done, but refreshing.

Like I said, not the greatest film, but not the worst, good enough to be background noise while I write. Just wanted to share.


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