TPD Project Journal: Spit Shine Polish

It’s TPD Week again, which mean a week of editing and polishing for me. Right now, the screenplay stands at 113 pages. I  just have to go through and clean it up a bit more. My main focuses this week is to go through line by line and keep it slim and trim, cut the deadwood, keep only what’s necessary. Of course, that’s always the focus when you’re writing, but you know how some things can slip passed you.

There is one scene though, towards the end, that I feel needs extending to explain why one of my main characters is the way she is. Which will further explain why she allowed certain things to happy. I have the extension scrawled out  in one of my spiral notebooks and will add it to the script as I go through edits. I really hope to have the screenplay completed this week, edits and all.

I’ll keep you posted!


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