TPD Project Journal: Hack and Slash!

Okay, here’s my “Mid-Week Update” for Things People Do.
I’m still editing the screenplay of course, only been on it for four days this round. This time it feels 100% more productive because I have a better understanding of how to edit my screenplay. It’s been a great learning experience. I’m beginning to wonder how much of the script will be left by the end of the week as I Hack and slash, lol. Nah, I’m just kidding, but out of the 113 pages I started with, I’m down to 110.

It’s been fun editing this script believe it or not. Reading over the words I’ve written these last couple of months, figuring out what needs to stay, what needs to be cut, and watching the entire work shape up and solidify for the better. I hope, lol. Most of the cuts have been within descriptions and character actions. I haven’t had to do away with any scenes or dialog. I’ve changed some dialog, made it a bit more direct, but haven’t had to cut anything.

I’m about half way through the script and don’t think I’ll have to cut any scenes. I actually have to extend one in particular, towards the end, for a lead character though. I haven’t stumbled over any plot holes as of yet. That’s a good thing. The flow of the story, even with the jumps in time, still seems solid.

So, I’m still plugging along, still scrutinizing the work, enjoying the hack and slash. Once, I’m done, I gotta track down some beta-readers. I’ll keep you posted.


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