SHOTGUN Project Journal: ACT 1?

Focusing on Shotgun this week. Was reading over the outline and Act summaries for the screenplay to get my bearings, and everything seems solid except for the the second half of the first act, lol.

I’m using a four act structure on this script, and Act’s 2, 3, and 4 are pretty good, but I’m still kind of sketchy with the ending of Act 1. I know what has to happen, what is going to happen to transition to Act 2, but I’m just still wondering if I can actually MAKE it happen.

Yeah, you know, I’m having one of those feelings.

In order for the other Acts to make sense and even take place, I need Billie and Sloan’s relationship to be at a certain depth.The trick is getting it to that point all within the first Act and keeping it believable to the reader/audience.

I’m pretty sure I can do it, well, I know I can, but you know those jitters you get every now and then.

2 thoughts on “SHOTGUN Project Journal: ACT 1?

  1. Why did you opt for the 4 act structure vs 3? And you’ll get there, sometimes you have to get the ending in tact to get the ‘inspiration’ for the beginning! Good Luck!
    @kdelley on twitter


    1. Well, the way the main events of the film are setup, a Four Act structure just mentally fits better for me.

      In Act 1 Billie and Sloan meet, fall in love, blah blah blah

      Act 2: is dedicated to Billie’s part of the story/her main issue.

      Act 3 is dedicated to Sloan’s part of the story/his main issue.

      In Act 4, Billie and Sloan must confront and overcome a mutual issue.

      I tried a Three Act Structure first, of course, but it just didn’t “look” right, if you know what I mean?

      Thanks for asking!



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