30 Days Of Writing: Day 8

What’s your favorite genre to write? To read?

For most of my writing life, I’ve written stories of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Most of my influences, book, film, animation, and video games, stem from those two genre’s with Horror coming at a very close second.

As of late, with my introduction to screenwriting, I’ve been writing a lot of Drama though. No special powers and abilities, no fantastic Kingdoms and distant worlds, just regular people, men, women, and children in conflict.

So to answer the first part of today’s question, I can’t really pick one genre in particular that I like to write. I just like to write stories, and the stories I write usually happen to fall into one of four categories: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction.

What do I like to read? That would be Fantasy. Pretty plain and simple. I seem to rather watch Drama, Horror, and Science Fiction on screen.

4 thoughts on “30 Days Of Writing: Day 8

  1. I mostly write Drama with regular people, as you put it. I’ve never attempted anything like Fantasy or Science Fiction. I love reading those genres and always are awed in all the work that’s put into each element by the author…from the characters to the “the worlds” and “languages” that are created.


    1. It’s funny, but a while back, a year or two ago, I was so caught up in writing Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction, that I didn’t think I could write just a straight Drama. A story without any fantastic events, paranormal encounters, or super powered beings. Those elements made up so much of my creative world, I didn’t think I could write a story without them.

      But then, something made me write the short story “Pushed”, about a kid in Brooklyn and the extreme lengths he goes to in order to deal with some thugs, and it all just clicked after that. Later I wrote “One-Sided Triangle”, then the screenplay for “Things People Do”, and now I’m working on the scripts for “Shotgun” and “To Turn A Blind Eye”. It was like my subconscious finally opened the flood gates on “Drama”.


      1. That is great that you were able to move outside of your comfort zone.


        1. Yeah, leaving your comfort zone definitely keeps you on your toes, but in the end, you’ll be glad for it, and amazed at what you can actually accomplish. I know I am.



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