30 Days Of Writing: Day 11

Who is your favorite character to write? Least favorite?

This seemed like a hard question at first, but I found my way through.

Out of my latest projects, the character I’ve liked writing for the most is Robert Green, from my screenplay “Things People Do”. Mainly because he’s a lot like myself with respect to his rational and how he handled certain situations. A lot of his dialog and manner of speaking is based off of myself, now that I think about it. I guess he really is a representation of “me” if I didn’t have impulse control and wasn’t faced with the possibility of going to jail for murder, lol.

If I had to choose a character that I liked writing for the least, it would be a minor character from “Things People Do”. It’s a female doctor who gave Abortion after care advice to one of my female leads. There was nothing wrong with the character, all she did was ramble off some medical advice and show a little concern for my lead character’s situation. Wasn’t really much to the doctor though. I just had to research the after care information and insert it into dialog without it coming across as boring and lifeless. She wasn’t a bad character, just didn’t have too much depth, but hey, it’s only a bit part anyway.


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