30 Days Of Writing: Day 14

How do you map out locations, if needed? Do you have any to show us?

Well, if anything, I use the old school D&D method. I get some graph paper and sketch out the location(s), or I use MS Excel to do the same thing, OR I use a nifty little map making program called “City Designer 3” that I bought from Profantasy.com. It’s  really cool program. I’m planning on using it more for my fantasy WIP: Amachi.

Below is the basic layout of a city that I made in Excel for a Web Comic called, “Logo20”, that my friend Shaun and I were working on a couple months back. After I gave him my basic layout, he used his artistic skills to sketch out a rather impressive areal view. There aren’t any structures or anything in the sketch, we were mainly focusing on the land masses, mountains, hills, valleys, water ways and such.


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  1. Your writing processes are always so intriguing to me!


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