30 Days Of Writing: Day 14

How do you map out locations, if needed? Do you have any to show us?

Well, if anything, I use the old school D&D method. I get some graph paper and sketch out the location(s), or I use MS Excel to do the same thing, OR I use a nifty little map making program called “City Designer 3” that I bought from Profantasy.com. It’s  really cool program. I’m planning on using it more for my fantasy WIP: Amachi.

Below is the basic layout of a city that I made in Excel for a Web Comic called, “Logo20”, that my friend Shaun and I were working on a couple months back. After I gave him my basic layout, he used his artistic skills to sketch out a rather impressive areal view. There aren’t any structures or anything in the sketch, we were mainly focusing on the land masses, mountains, hills, valleys, water ways and such.


  1. Your writing processes are always so intriguing to me!


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