30 Days Of Writing: Day 16

Do you write romantic relationships? How do you do with those, and how “far” are you willing to go in your writing?

Do I write romantic relationships? Well, after looking back on my work, I really can’t say that I do. A lot of my characters have been in relationships, and of course, there had to have been a romance in the beginning, but by the time the readers are brought into the picture, that romance is usually long gone.

How do I do with writing romantic relationships? I’m about to find out through my second screenplay attempt “Shotgun”. It’s about a club bouncer and an abused woman who cross paths in a hospital emergency room. One of the main themes of the story is Love At First sight, though I’m not sure if you can call their emotional roller-coaster ride of love a romantic one. That would be a rather cool writing challenge for me to take up. We’ll see how I do.

How far am I willing to go in my writing? For what exactly? Not sure if I completely understand the question. At any rate, I’ll go as far as my characters want to take it to tell their story.

I often think of myself as only a co-author to my stories. I write half the story, and my characters write the other. Why? Because, though I may have things all planned and plotted nice and neat, my characters have a tendency to make “alterations” on their own, and sometimes re-write entire sections without permission.

How else would you put it?

3 thoughts on “30 Days Of Writing: Day 16

  1. I must admit, I’m a sucker for romance. I love a good love story. My current WIP is a love triangle even though two of the three people don’t know they’re in the triangle at first…LOL! I enjoy writing, as well as reading, about love that is forbidden and when there is a lot of sexual tension. I like all the stuff leading up to the consummation, not just the act itself. I want the characters to work for it. I hope that makes since. I’m not sure if that’s what the last question meant or not.


  2. I don’t cope very well with love stories. I don’t like romance, unless there are other things going on. For example, in Once by James Herbert, there’s a love story woven in the novel, however, it doesn’t dominate and plenty of other cool/scary things are going on so it’s dealable. I’m a bit of a bloke when it comes to my taste in movies/books.

    Ironically enough, my current WIP has a very strong love story going through it and it was so powerful that it took over the entire novel. Leaving me moping around about how I’ve written a romance novel. It almost made me want to stop writing because I did not like what I’d ended up with. Until I realised what’s happened is that I’d left off a huge chunk of the novel, which tells about the story of my main character and what makes him different and I thought I would be using that for the next novel. Nope! It MUST go into this current WIP or I can never sell the novel as I don’t like it enough myself.

    At least I know what’s missing so I can add it when I am ready (taking a break still)

    Oh and I totally related to your last paragraph about how you’re only a co-author. My entire novel changed when they took over. Actually my main boy changed the entire story and became THE main character when he wasn’t meant to be.


  3. mizzezmellymel: Yeah, I like Forbidden Love as well, and the suspense and tension leading up to the climax. I like reading/watching it. I was just never sure if I could write it myself, I mean just a plain old love story, mine always end up with someone drawing blood for one reason or another, ha!

    Agatha82: Yeppers! I say put your boy’s story in the first one. Seems like it’s the piece that’s missing. Yeah, about characters taking over. My character Christine Archer was supposed to die when I originally began writing “Things People Do”, but she fought to live, and wound up being the last man standing, so to speak.



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