30 Days Of Writing: Day 17

Favorite protagonist and why?

RIGHT NOW, my favorite protagonist is Christine Archer from my screenplay“Things People Do”.

Why? Because she’s an under dog. Christine has been pretty much ignored, overlooked, and underestimated by almost everyone; especially her family. She goes through hell in the story, emotionally and physically, and is nearly killed, but she survives some pretty extreme circumstances to stand strong in the end.

Other than that, I think she is just a cool character. I’d hang out with her. She’s a dark, sarcastic, emotionally tortured, army brat, and semi-Goth. A definite loner due to ill-dealings with people throughout her entire life. She’s penned two poems about it regarding her feelings here (Evasive Answers & Smoldering). All in all, she just wants to be loved, to be accepted for who she is, and for someone to notice her. Don’t we all, lol.

Sadly enough, it’s that same “want” that makes her drop her guard, and nearly gets herself killed in the story. But she’s a survivor, and despite being doused with gasoline and almost burned alive at the hands of her “boyfriend”, she’s managed to have a brighter outlook on life than she did at the beginning of the screenplay.

Man, the crap I put my characters through, ha!

2 thoughts on “30 Days Of Writing: Day 17

  1. EEEK I was just replying to your previous post and then this one appeared out of the blue WHOOOSH 🙂
    My fave character is my boy, that’s kind of my nickname for him. One day, I’ll reveal his name, I’m just keeping him under wraps. Anyway, he is great, a complex character with so many sides and levels that it makes writing lots of fun. So much so, that I plan to write a few novels with him in them.


    1. Yeah, it’s great when you create a character that you REALLY like. Nothing like it. Well, almost nothing, lol.



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