30 Days Of Writing: Day 26

Let’s talk art! Do you draw your characters? Do others draw them? Pick one of your OCs and post your favorite picture of him!

Well, fortunately, I grew up with a lot of artist friends, so I was always able to get my characters drawn out. I can’t draw myself, at least not anymore. One of my friends was teaching me years ago, and I was actually starting to get good, but I didn’t have the patience to wait for my skills advance. It was easier to write a story and illustrate it with words than the other way around.

At any rate, below is another one of my characters from the 90’s. Her name is Woodhollow and she’s a hunter. The rifle slung across her shoulder is called “Deadly”, and Woodhollow hunts with a small pack of half woman/half lion creatures. I can’t remember what I called the race of lion-women, but there are four of them in Woodhollow’s pack. Their names: Dappled Hunter, Copper Killer, Tabby Skulker, and Rainbow Blitzkrieg. Weird names, I know, but of course, you know me, there names have a unique meaning for each character.

The two pictures above is of Woodhollow when she’s young and the other is of her when she’s old. The reason for this deals with her overall storyline. Woodhollow’s older self travels back to the past to kill her  younger self. Why? Because a horrific and tragic event occurs within the years between the two ages, and the “event”causes her “older self” to go insane leading her to want to kill her “young self” to stop the “event” from ever happening in the first place.



I know.

It’s not perfect, but four things attract me to this story:

1) How crazy would it be to run into your older self and realize that your “older self” is trying to kill you?

2) What the hell could have happened that’s so horrible, between now and the future, to make your older self want to kill your younger self? If your older self wants to die so bad, why not just kill yourself in the future?

3) Could you really beat your older self? To put it in perspective, concerning Woodhollow: Could your 10 year old self beat your 20 year old self? I mean, not only is your older self stronger, but also smarter, knows everything you know plus 10 more years of crap. Talk about your own worst enemy, lol.

4) How would you stop your “older self”? If you couldn’t talk your way out of it, would you try to lock your older self up? What if you have to kill your older self? How could you live knowing that some time in the future, something is going to happen to make you go back to the past to kill your younger self, but your younger self manages to get you locked away or kills you? Which means that, eventually, you’re going to kill yourself anyway.

5) What if your older self manages to kill your younger self, wouldn’t your older self die, like instantly?

All these questions lead me to a fun knot that’s dying to be untied, lol. I can’t wait to write that one.


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