[POEM] Ever Feel Like…


No one has time for you, and neither do they want your time?

They couldn’t care less about your situation, but always want to know “What do you think about mine?”

Your advice is like air to them, your words don’t hold any weight?

And the next person can say the same thing you said, but their ideas are great?

When they’re out of sight, for you, they’re always on your mind?

But for them, concerning you, it’s out of sight, out of mind?

When they need, you give, and never expect anything back?

But when they give, they ask, “When can I get that back?”

When they succeed, you’re glad and happy to see them achieve?

But when you plant fruits of your own, they always try to steal your seeds?

While they’re all going crazy, you’re the only one holding it down?

And when you rise above a situation, they’re the only ones pulling you down?

You can’t tell if they’re friend or foe or family or fiend?

And if you try to defend yourself, well now, you’re just being mean?

Anti-social, ungrateful, they even call you selfish

But when you greet them with open arms, they look like “Who the hell is this?”

You’re not a saint or an angel, you just love with your heart?

And that’s what they hate most, for them, that’s the worst part?

You try to lead them to the light, but they just won’t come with you?

But if there’s a party in the dark, they’ll be the first to come get you?

So, you let them go cause you know, in your life, they’re a cancer

And once they’re alone, they’re on the phone wanting answers

Where did you go? What’s going on? Why did you leave?

They realize you’re the one good person, in their life, that they need

The only one with sense to make progress and move forward

But their words are just bait, and they hope you move toward it

The hard part is you know that, now you have a decision

Move on with your life, or stay locked in their prison

How do you deal with that? How can you stand it?

Ever feel like…you’re taken for granted?

6 thoughts on “[POEM] Ever Feel Like…

  1. Loved it!


  2. Of course, quite often actually. At one time [since I’m a giver by nature] I got to a point where I was guarded about it, but then I realized overtime, the only person I was hurting was myself, b/c I am a giver, I have to give, but I can be smart about HOW MUCH to give at times you know. 😉 Great post… But you know, after all, when you realize you’ve been taken for granted, you can’t fault anyone but yourself if you do not address the issue. Good post.


    1. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. You are correct. Once you realize that you are being taken for granted, you decide how to proceed from that point on. At that time its all one you.


  3. I like the rhythm of it.
    I think everyone has had this experience at some time, stuck in an endless cycle with someone they really care for. But you can’t blame the other. I find it so difficult to control *how* much I give – I’m an all or nothing type of gal, so I chose to be selective with who gets into my inner circle and receives all that caring & attention.


    1. Glad you like it. Yeah, I’m right there with you in terms of being selective with my inner circle.



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