TPD-2nd Draft Project Journal: A Little Behind Schedule

I’ve been running a little behind schedule with the second draft of the script, mainly because my 10 month old son has been sick these last couple days. First it was Pinkeye and an Ear Infection, next he had Pneumonia. Of course, everything gets put on hold under such circumstances.  He’s doing better now, and although he’s had his moments of “fussiness”, he’s been real good about the ordeal. He basically smiled through everything, still played with his toys, still pulled up on everything so he could cruise around the house. He’ very resilient, just like me, lol.

Project wise, I was able to add five more pages to what’s already been shared in my last post. All though the major characters have been introduced I’m still in the “introduction” or “set up” phase of the script because I’ve yet to shed light on the conflict(s) that will bind them all together. The main plot will be touched upon within the next couple of pages, so it’s not that far off. I was hoping to be further along that what I am, but such is life, right?

I already have some feed back on some of the characters introduced in the sample from my last post. Namely, Candice Rivera, where one reader stated, “I don’t like that Candice chick!” . That made me laugh. I mean, it’s a good thing, because you’re not supposed to like Candice. I don’t think she does anything overtly “bad” or purely “evil” with her first few moments in the script, but what little she does “do” speaks to her true nature, and I’m just happy someone picked up on it, lol. Hopefully, one day on-screen, you’ll see why you shouldn’t like Candice. We’ll see.

As always, I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

QUICK QUESTION: Do you have any characters that caused a reader not to like them, in a good way, just within their first moments of introduction? Who are they and what did they do?

5 thoughts on “TPD-2nd Draft Project Journal: A Little Behind Schedule

  1. Sometimes things pile up around us and we get behind schedule. But as long as it’s not a writer’s block or procrastination, I think it’s perfectly all right (and necessary).
    I think I’ve had readers not liking characters from the start, but on most occasions those readers already knew what those characters were going to do later on, so it doesn’t really count.


  2. Glad to hear your son is doing a little better. Sick babies are never fun. I’m not sure anyone has hated a character right off, at least not that I have been told. I know that I tend to not like them, but usually that is because they are too damn bossy and want to throw wrenches into my plot. Does that count?


    1. Lol, I don’t think I’ve ever created a character that I hated, even the really bad ones. I tend to like them even more for their “bad” qualities. Strange, I know, lol.


  3. Miss Candice is what makes the story even more interesting. Although, I’m not fond of her and her actions thus far…it has absolutely nothing to do with my own personal opinion….but her actions speak loudly as to what she could do further in the script. I liked it regardless. I love drama in a story/script. Keep it up!


    1. Yeah, Candice and Shanna have a unique relationship/friendship in the script. Whatever Candice has done to Shanna, just know that she feels totally justified in it. And who knows, depending on what Shanna has done to her, Candice just may be justified. We’ll see, lol.



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