Students of the Craft focuses on creative forces, practitioners of storytelling. People who, in one way or another, fascinate, inspire, and entertain us with stories of love, loss, suspense, and adventure. As a creative person myself, I’ve always been interested in the intricate workings of other creative minds. The minds out there adding their unique energies to the craft of story telling. I’m talking about all those involved: Actors, Actresses, Artists, Directors, Editors, Musicians, Producers, Publishers, and of course, Writers.

Ultimately, I seek to understand how they work, and what individually inspires them to create.

In this podcast, I’m talking with Novelist, William H. Johnson, about his writing process, his epic fantasy novel “Dark Province: Son of Duprin”, and what inspires him to write.

*Listen to interview below

7 thoughts on “STUDENTS OF THE CRAFT: William H. Johnson

  1. I wish I had speakers on my computer at work. Sounds like an interesting interview. If I get home early enough tonight, I’ll come back to hear it.


    1. Yeah, come on back and give it a listen. We had a lot of fun. I enjoyed digging into his brain, especially towards the end where I asked him who his favorite Villain and Hero characters are outside of his own work.


  2. This was a fantastic interview. I’m always interested in how another writer develops his/her ideas for their projects.


    1. Thanks, Mellymel

      I’m glad you liked it. It was a lot of fun. Bill is a really cool guy.


  3. I really enjoyed doing this interview! Much thanks to you Jamal for inviting me to be a part of STUDENTS OF THE CRAFT. In the arts we can always learn, grow, expand. Not only that, but it’s part of what makes artistic expression such a mirror for life. Thanks again!



    1. You said it took seven years from idea to release of your actual book. Is that the longest it’s ever taken you on any project?


      1. That’s the longest for any project that I have completed. There was another book I was working on that began as a short film, then became a feature, then a novel. I was struggling trying to shape it and mature it in a way that it felt right so I abandoned that to focus on THE DARK PROVINCE. I have recently gone back to that project and have been working on it pretty steadily for the last 4 weeks. I’m about 21,000 words into it and it’s flowing nicely now. I think time and the experience of writing DP, which is a much different piece, gave me some objectivity and a lift. When that book is completed that will be far longer. The initial idea for that piece, a small town love story, began in 1997.

        Thanks for the question! 🙂



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