Which Brain Are You? Left or Right?

I came across this site, www.meh.ro, while surfing the net tonight, it’s home to some really cool works of art and other digital imagery.  I scanned through the first couple pages and came across the picture below. So far, it’s my favorite out of all the ones I’ve sampled.

It’s titled “Left Brain – Right Brain”. I’m not sure who the true artist is, but it says that it was uploaded by Negative0, but it has Mercedes Benz logo in the bottom right corner so…

I think it wonderfully illustrates what we think we know about the two cerebral hemispheres of the brain. Looking at this picture gets my juices flowing, and I haven’t been “touched” by a piece of artwork in a long time. “Left Brain – Right Brain” is now the wallpaper for my “PersonalBrain” application (my new-found love). So, as I brainstorm about stories, characters, and business strategies, I can always gaze at this great rendition of the very organ I use to create.

So, what side of the brain is your dominate side? (click image to enlarge)

Left Brain - Right Brain by Negetive0 via www.meh.ro

14 thoughts on “Which Brain Are You? Left or Right?

    1. Yeah, it is cool. I’m glad I “discovered” it, lol! But, no, really, I love artwork like this. It really does inspire me and create sparks within my imagination.

      You have some very compelling artwork as well. I must go look at everything on your site now, lol.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sherry!


  1. Great artwork, and thanks for mentioning The Brain, I’ve clicked on it, looks interesting. is it really useful? Just curious how it works.

    About left/right brain, well, I’m right hemisphere because I am left handed, and they say the left hand operates the right hemisphere and vice versa. I am completely and utterly artisitic, I hardly have anything from the left hemisphere. I’m certainly not logical, or numerate and I almost failed school because I was total rubbish at maths.


    1. Hey, Alannah!

      Yeah, PersonalBrain is a very useful, multi-purpose tool. I’m going to do a screencast post about how I use it for writing and developing my projects in a couple of weeks, so you can see what it’s all about. It’s something that you have to see in action to understand the magnitude of PersonalBrain’s potential.

      Brain wise, when i first took in the above image, I could instantly relate to the Right Brain, but I’m right handed, so theoretically controlled by the Left Brain. I do like to consider myself very analytical and calculating, as the Left Brain is suggested to be, because I am very structured in my approach to writing and my writing process. At the same time though, I am very creative and passionate about story telling and a few other things, so that’s a hard one for me to truly answer.

      Either way, I love both renditions of the brain. It’s a great piece.


      1. Looking forward to that screencast post. It does sound interesting, but yeah, think it is the kind of thing you have to see in action to understand.

        I’m just a mental artist, I’ve got all the traits, had I been born in the 1800’s I would have been addicted to Opium or a drunk, and written weird poetry, like Edgar Allan Poe or Samuel Taylor Coleridge lol


        1. Hey, I can think of worse ways to spend the 1800’s, lmao!


  2. Aren’t left handed people supposed to be governed by the right side of the brain? In that case, I’m the right side. In reality, I think my creative side is very much on the loose and right dominated, but when it comes to work, I need my left side a lot too.
    Thanks for the link to PersonalBrain! I used to use it, but my computer died a couple of weeks ago, and I haven’t gotten it on my new computer yet. It’s a lovely tool. 🙂


    1. Hey, M!

      Yeah, I stumbled across the Personal Brain about a month ago and fell in love with it. I now use it at my job, and in my personal and creative lives. For what it does and can potential do, I can’t think another program that can match it.


  3. Wow! I’m really digging the “martini” being splashed about! I think I’m “left-brain” for my day job…boring as hell and no room for error! LOL! I work with numbers so there is no choice. Definitely, right-brain for “the real me”. Hahahaha! Can you even be both?!


    1. Well, if not, you can be the first dual-dominate brain? LOL!


  4. Very cool art work, especially to me, since I’m both. (I’m also ambidextrous, so I guess that’s related.) I need to check out personal brain.

    BTW, that is indeed a Mercedes ad:. Found it’s from an Israeli ad agency.



    1. Yeah, the art is great! Thanks for tracking down the source of it.

      And the PersonalBrain is definitely a must see/have program .


  5. I love it. I’m so right brained.


    1. Yeppers, indeed, lol! How’d you get into mask making?



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