How The NEW Tomb Raider Has Caught My Eye As A Writer


Yep, Tomb Raider has caught my eye. There’s a new game coming out in 2012 and it looks really good from a gaming stand point, but even better from a writing stand point as the franchise’s storyline is concerned. I have pictures and video clips to help explain below. Enjoy!

(talk about a labor of love! Took me 9 years to get this Vlog uploaded. With the Rain here in ATL, my internet kept going down. I wanted to KILL SOMEBODY…very…slowly, lol)

The concept designs for the landscapes/environments look great. I can’t wait to play/watch.


  1. cad40 says:

    I have to agree with you on this. The story looks very intriguing and well played. Nice article.

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  2. Looks gorgeous! I loved Tomb Raider, but I got extremely frustrated with it. Constantly. And the sound of her bones breaking when she hit the ground…yeah, I heard that a lot.


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