Unnerved? Just A Little!

I am very much interested in people, especially the darkest parts of us which we try to hide. With that said, I like to watch a lot of real life murder investigations.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m pulled to shed light on the dark side of human nature like a bacon, a warning, a reminder to ourselves that WE are our own worst enemy.

I’m never really surprised by things people are capable of doing, but I do often find myself unnerved from time to time.

The latest person to “unnerve” me is an Australian woman by the name of Katherine Knight. She is currently serving life in prison for murdering her husband.

Unfortunately, I can say that I’m not surprised at a woman murdering her husband, it’s the…other things she did to him, after he was dead, that get me.

Now, first let me say that Katherine Knight grew up in a violent home, where her father raped her mother daily and her mother would share the details of her ordeals with Katherine and her siblings. Katherine herself was sexually abused by several family members.

Katherine became violent as a child and would bully smaller children. When she got older, every relationship she was involved in was stained by violence with her as the aggressor. In one relationship where she ultimately bore two children, she tried to kill each child, and after both attempts, she was sent to mental institutions and apparently “cured”.

To further speak of the type of person Katherine was/is, she liked to fight with weapons and when she landed a job at a abattoir/slaughterhouse, she called it her dream job. She was quickly promoted to “boning” and was given her own set of butcher knives that she hung over her bed “in case she needed them”.

Katherine met and married a man named John Price, who was a father of three, but only had custody of his two older children. Like with all of Katherine’s other relationships, her marriage to Price was full of violence.

At one point, Katherine stabbed him in the chest with a knife. Price got a restraining order put out on her, but that ultimately did nothing to prevent his murder.

One day, Price went to work and told his co-workers that if he did not come to work the next day, it would be because Katherine killed him.

The next day, Price did not show up for work.

His fate was one you’d think dreamt up by a horror writer.

Katherine killed Price. She stabbed him repeatedly. Then, she skinned him, and hung his flesh on meat hooks. Next, she cut off his head.

Are you ready for the kicker?

Yes, the kicker.

Katherine cut up parts of Price’s body and cooked it in stew that she was going to serve to his children.

Thankfully, the authorities caught her before the children ate the “meal”.

While at the house, authorities found Prices head in a still-warm stew pot.

All I can say is:

Things People Do!

4 thoughts on “Unnerved? Just A Little!

  1. Holy shit…what a sick bitch…some people are just born evil, and she sounds like one…


    1. Yes, indeed she does. I wonder how her mind works.

      I always wonder at what point does such action come across as OKAY TO DO in someones mind.


  2. Wow, that unnerves me as well, and I thought I was fairly immune to that. Not much surprises me. It’s sad that things reach this point, and the guy can say, “She might kill me” the night before she actually DOES. That’s when you flee, my friend. Drop everything and save yourself and the kids.


    1. Yes, indeed. It’s weird what people do. I believe his co-workers begged him not to go to work, but he was afraid that she’d might do something to the kids. So, when he went home, he sent his children away to a friends or family members house that night, and he stayed over a neighbor’s house until late that night.

      Finally, he went home and fell asleep. Katherine came by and actually watched TV for a while before she when up stairs to kill him. It’s reported that they had sex first, then after he fell asleep she killed him.

      I can’t understand why he’d have sex with her. Well, I guess being that their relationship ran hot and cold, he never knew what type of mood she’d be in. So, she having sex with him dropped his guard I guess.

      But, like you said Merc, I would have dropped everything and ran with the kids.



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