I love music. I’m sure I get it from my mother who played music all the time, especially on the weekends, while she cut patterns and sewed outfits. From The Beatles to Prince, Electric Light Orchestra to The Temptations, from Smokey Robinson to Hall and Oats, my mother was/is into many types of music. The music filled the house while I rage many a great wars between my Transformers and G.I. Joe’s. I suppose that’s what sparked my need to learn to play an instrument.

Along with fiddling around with “Pretty”, my Acoustic Guitar, I’ve been learning Garage Band on my Mac  and I’ve been working on a little music project called “AUDIOPUZZLE” named for how I’m piecing things together. I’m not sure exactly what you’d categorize the songs based off their sound alone. I figured I’d share a few tracks that I’ve “composed” while learning to use  music program.

The track below is the most recent one and my favorite so far. It’s called “I Remember You”. Basic theme is a love lost that, no matter how hard you try, your heart won’t let you forget them.

I really like the main piano that starts the track and flows throughout the entire song.

Tell me what you think of it.


  1. Dope. I can hear many of your influences and instrument likes on this track. Underground NY style hip hop on the beat, soulful fusion, jazz, guitar, wicked synth sounds. Good look, especially for a newbie to production. Its like me writing my first verse, heck, i don’t care what nobody thinks, all that matters is i did it, man you did it! Using one of my wife’s favorite words. WOW!


    1. Mr. Hill

      Thank you, Sir. That’s a real compliment coming from you. I’m nowhere near your level yet, but I’m still learning.


  2. Well done. I’d only make the drums stronger, I mean in sound, but I figure that’s a drum machine? Which are notoriously tinny…do you know what I mean?

    However the actual piece is great! I particularly like how the guitar and piano share space without crowding each other.


    1. Thanks, Alannah

      In a way it is a drum machine. It’s a music program. Either way, I’m glad you like the piece. Im going to share more of my creations in the upcoming weeks, along with some recordings of my novice guitar pluckings, lol!


      1. Sounds great, looking forward to hearing your guitar pluckings lol.



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