AMACHI: Again!

So, I’ve picked up my epic fantasy novel again, Amachi, that I started back in 2006. This is a project that I’ve started and stopped on over the past six years due to shear fear I suppose.

In my mind, the story is so epic and complex that I feel mentally overwhelmed every time I try to work on it. Right now, it looks like a trilogy, but deep down I know that it can easily expand to five books.

This time around, I’m determined to stick with to the end. Well, at least the end of the first book. Most times, I’m a BIG PICTURE kind of person, so my wife suggested that I just focus on getting the first book out and not so much the WHOLE THING.I followed her advice all last week, and I must say, it does feel a whole lot better, mentally. It feels…lighter.

Over the years, I’ve developed many aspects of the story, the characters, and the world. I’ve even used AEON TIMELINE to lay out what I know of the world’s history and the first few events that take place in the first book. That definitely help me put things in perspective.

A lot of key elements to the story transpired thousands of years before the reader is brought on board. Being able to see it all laid out, how it all connects on time line was another weight off my shoulders.

With all the existing development I’ve written in notebooks and stored in document files, I’ve decided to re-develop everything,at least revisit it all, so that I can become one with the story again.

I’ve started with the main characters of the first book, the Protagonist Amachi, a young female warrior of an enslaved race, and the Antagonist, Grizole, a slave wrangler bent on capturing her.

Redeveloping those two have really been a joy this past week. I’ve Learned new things about them, new twists to their characters, goals, motivations, and psyches. especially for Grizole, there’s been some great additions to his character and one major twist that he won’t be too happy about when it comes to light, lol.

Amachi is complete and I’m about 75% done with Grizole. After which, I’ll rework the log line and synopsis.

I’ll share more in a couple weeks.

2 thoughts on “AMACHI: Again!

  1. It sounds like the story already has a soul. I’ll be looking forward seeing it breathe, like a number of other folks will. Go’head and do it, Jamal. I don’t think I’ve met anyone as talented as you are, so, um…


    1. Thank you, A.T.. I appreciate the kind words. Though I still have a ways to go in completing the first book, I’m committed to getting Amachi done and sharing her story with the world. It should be quite and adventure!

      How are you coming along with your projects.



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