A Week of Progress

Been a nice week of progress for me. Pretty much a week of Log Line and Synopsis writing.

Finished the Brainstorm, Main Characters, Logline, and Synopsis for Amachi’s first book and a short film script. I discovered a lot about my two main antagonists, for Amachi, that I didn’t know/realize before. They’ve become a lot more interesting as people, outside of their “bad intentions”.

The synopsis for Amachi’s first book helped me to refocus and engineer the main plot points, and quite a few things have changed since the first time I laid out the story. Same goes for the short film script. I was able to cross off a lot of scene ideas I had floating around  in my head to keep the story/script as short as possible.

Next, for both projects, i’m on Plot Characters and Act Summaries.

Third project I’m working on with a friend, a horror graphic novel, is about at the same development phase as my other projects. Brainstorm, Main characters: Done, and just about finished with the Logline and Synopsis for that.

Three projects, three formats, three of my favorite genre’s, Drama, Fantasy, and Horror. I have no complaints.


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