In The Pipeline…

Coming Soon

I have not really updated my website in some time now.

Mainly because, I really hadn’t had anything I wanted to share, and I’m so totally against posting just for the hell of it.

Well, things have changed!

Not my view on posting for the hell of it, of course.

I mean, having something to share.

In the coming months, I will release a handful of short stories for your eReaders (Kindle & Nook). These tasty little morsels will range in genre from Horror, to Thriller, to Fantasy, to the Paranormal. I wanted to throw a bit of Sci Fi in there somewhere but…hey, who knows, maybe I’ll have time to crank one out.

As each story draws near to its release, I’ll announce when, share excerpts, reveal Book Covers, and have some promotional fun here on the blog!. The first tale is a nice little horror that’ll be released just in time for Halloween. Trust me, it’s RIGHT for the season!

A few of the other stories still have to go my editor but, no worries, they’ll be done in enough time to make their release dates.

So, stay tuned for updates as I forge on into publishing!


2 thoughts on “In The Pipeline…

  1. Good luck! I look forward to it.


    1. Thank you, Sir! It promises to be a learning experience, if nothing else, lol!



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