WWM: Oblivion


  • Didn’t care for the football story
  • Couldn’t you have flown there instead of riding the bike?
  • I like 166
  • Sure, let’s go take a swim by the edge of the sky
  • Anybody immediately think the Radiation Zone is a lie?
  • Effective Team? Shut Up!
  • 185 look angry
  • What she got behind her back, dude? Oh, nothing…
  • Did she not know that she was going to die?
  • There 166 again
  • The Statue Of Liberty Torch
  • 166 is a thug!
  • What? Is he a clone?
  • Where’d Tech 52 go?
  • I think he’s doing to die
  • Why is your voice messing up, Sally?
  • Don’t worry, Julia. You can find another Jack.
  • I knew he was going to die once it was revealed he was a Clone
  • There’s 52
  • Cool flick
  • Alien could have been better


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