Writing, Writing, and More…Music?

Been away from my virtual base of operations these last couple weeks due to a creative spikes in both my writing and musical interests.

Writing wise, I’ve been working on the third story I aim to publish titled “One-Sided Triangle”. It’s a rewrite of an old story of mine that has grown into something unexpected. I have about five more scenes to write before self editing starts and I’m excited to finish it.

Presently though, the second story I’m publishing, “Pushed” has been through group critiques and a couple passes of self edits. Now, I’m waiting to send it off to my editor, get it back, stitch the pieces back together, lol, and get it out to you guys and gals.

Pushed is somewhat of a thriller,  a story ultimately about the effects and consequences of bullying on both the aggressor and the victim. I planned to publish it in January, but would like to release it in December, if I can. It all depends on how fast I get it back from the editor.

In my other creative interest, music, two weeks ago I caught a grand rush of inspiration, due to my writing, and as of today, I find myself with 15 brand new original tracks, an hours worth of music, basically a whole album. An album that can easily be a split soundtrack for both my upcoming stories, Pushed and One-Sided Triangle.

It’s funny. When you make music, you find out what instruments you like and I found that I like them ALL, lol. Really, I do, but I must say there is a special place in my heart for violins.

With that, I’ll leave you with Track Number 14 ”Never Forget Me” from my 3rd “Album”

I’ve always wanted to say that, lol!


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