PUSHED: Cover Reveal

With the release of my latest story, PUSHED, right around the corner, it’s about that time. Cover Reveal Time!

Pushed EBook Cover1

I really like this cover. Not only does it capture the dark and cold winter climate of the story, but it also illustrates how alone and isolated Warren feels with what he has to face and hopefully survive.

8 thoughts on “PUSHED: Cover Reveal

  1. Nice cover! When is the big day?


    1. Hey, Moira!

      The big day should be this coming Monday, November 25th!


      1. Awesome! Will have to add it to my reading list.


  2. DUDE. I’m too scared of you! You’re cranking these stories out. You’ll have to send me info so that I can add it to my blog.


  3. Congrats! Good luck with the story.



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