And My Next Project is…

For the last three months I’ve been in the developing stages of a novel, the first in a series, scheduled to release early next year. It’s a story that started out, a couple of years ago, as a sci-fi spec script simply titled after it’s protagonist: Sylvia. Now, it’s a psychological thriller with a sci-if edge titled: Cadaver Dog.

At first, the novel was going to be a total recreation and rewrite of the script, but now I’ve decide to write a series that will merge the two versions. As I said earlier, the first book is more of a psycho thriller with a sci-fi edge, and each book afterwards, not sure how many in total yet, opens up more of the world and becomes more and more “sci-if” than the last.

I’m a plotter so I’ve given myself another month to finish development in the hopes of catching any hiccups before they…hiccup. All the characters and main plot points and sub plot points are done, just working on the major scenes that connect everything right now. By the beginning of next month, I should be all set to start the next part of this adventure and write the first draft. Then things will get really interesting.

I’ll share more on the characters and plot later. Can’t spill it all today, you know!

More to share, more to come!

CadaverDog EN Snapshot
A snapshot of a couple notes from my CadaverDog Development Notebook in Evernote for iPad.


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