CADAVER DOG: PJ4 – Smoothing Out The Bumps

Well, its been an eventful last couple of weeks.

Chapter 3 was kicking my behind but, I’ve gotten it under control. I ran into a big problem with Sylvia’s, my 13-year-old protagonist, powers. As usual, when I created her I developed her powers, made charts and everything (I’m not joking) but when it came time to “illustrate” her power in the story it just didn’t work. I tried for days and days to make it work, reworked descriptions, terminology, etc to no avail.

So, I had to, you guessed it, redevelop her power, how it’s used, the mechanics behind it, pros, cons, advantages, hindrances, terminology, how it physically and mentally affects her, how often she can use it, the whole shebang! Though it slowed me down, it was great because I love developing powers/abilities.  Been doing it since I was a kid. So, got all that squared away over a couple of days and was finally able to jump into chapter 3.

I have one scene left before I move on to the next chapter, yay!

Sylvia Poster

In semi-other-news, I took the advice of the lovely Y. I. Washington in the comment’s section of my last post Sometimes You Need A Break, Since I like making music SO MUCH, I’ve decided to work on an original soundtrack for this novel, which I’ll offer up along with the purchase of the Cadaver Dog when it’s released. I’m looking into the best way to do that right now and will get into more detail as I figure it out. This past Friday, while on lunch, I was hit with inspiration for Sylvia’s “Theme Song.”

I like to say that – Sylvia isn’t your normal 7th Grader. She ponders her place in the world, quotes books and films beyond here years, and catches sociopathic serial killers in her free time. – With that being said, she is strong-willed and doesn’t back down from her enemies which, more times than not, lands her in serious trouble because she can’t grasp the concept of a…”Strategic Retreat”.

Anyway, her theme song came to me Friday and I completed it last night. I think it captures her high-energy and underlying persistence very well.

It’s called “You Better Run Mister” which is a bold warning to the novel’s main Antagonist.

It’s SOOO like Sylvia to just call him out like that, ha!


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