The Walking Dead: S9 Mid Season Finale

Well, The Walking Dead Season 9 Mid-Season Finale has come and gone, and as usual, I enjoyed it. There was a definite horror film feel to the directing of this one and as the storm began to roll in, night began to fall, and the fog began to thicken, so did the suspense. 

My main pulls for this episode are Michonne, Paul, The Whisperers, and Negan. Yeah, Henry was there, but I wasn’t really…moved by his parts of the story. Though, I must say, his scene reminded me of when Carl met the teens in Alexandria and it was the exact same composition: Two Guys, 1 Girl. And that girl was Enid for Carl, who Henry has a crush on now. WHAT A COINCIDENCE!


What the hell happened? What is going on here? Why are people mean-mugging my girl? The events of the past six years must’ve really been something for so many relationships to fall apart as they have. Of course, I’m agonizing over what that could be, but at the same time, I don’t think it was too bad being that no one is gunning to take Michonne out.

She’s really closed off now, almost like how she was when she first came into the story. Which makes me think that, after Rick’s “Death”, perhaps seeing how hell-bent he was on bringing everybody “together”, how he ran himself thin trying to do it, allowed it to cloud his judgement, and how resistant everybody was to the idea in the first place, she’s now like “You know what? ‘F’ everybody else, we take care of our own now.” I can understand that.


Paul finally bit the dust in this episode, but in a really cool way, if there is such a thing. He was defiantly an under utilized character in my book with such a great skillset. I would’ve liked to seem him do more, even go through more ranges of emotion. We’ve only seen him be…agitated at best I think, as far as I can remember.

Using him to reveal the Whisperers was cool decision though. There, you had one of the “Good Guys'” best thinkers and fighters doing his thing, taking out a bunch of Walkers, business as usual, then SURPRISE! It was the perfect lesson for this season in dealing with the Whisperers. Don’t Get Comfortable!

The Whisperers

Not too much to say about these guys right now as they’ve just revealed themselves, or should I say, they’ve just been revealed, but what a scary group this is, huh? They obviously don’t fear people and they don’t fear Walkers either. They actually walk amongst the Walkers. Cain’t wait to see Alpha and Beta. In the trailer for the other half of the season, where there’s a shot of someone who appears to be Alpha, walking through a group of Whisperers from behind, she reminds me of Bane with the bald head and seemingly wide-back.


My man if finally free! What will he do next? What was he going to do with that shovel he took to Michonne’s room? I hope not kill her, I mean, she didn’t kill him in all this time and they had plenty of reason to. Perhaps, it was to defend himself for when/if he ran into her, but then again, why go upstairs anyway unless you were going to handle some business, right?

I’m REAL excited to see what he does. Wonder if anybody from the Sanctuary, if anyone’s left, will try to test him. Even after doing a six plus year stint in prison, with a new taste of freedom, I don’t think that’b be a good idea.

So, now we wait. We wait until February to see how this all pans out. It’s a double edged sword. On one hand, I’ll miss the show until then, but in the other, I GEY MY SUNDAY NIGHTS BACK!


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