AJ3: #24

Greetings, Everybody!

J. W. Hankins here, AKA SCRIBEREGLYPH!

Entry #24, at the time I drew her, she was my favorite.

Well, I think whichever entry that is my latest is my favorite actually, but anyway…

The reason why I like her so much is the way I drew her lips, neck, collarbone, and chest areas. I think they’re a bit more detailed than I’ve drawn in the bast and the strokes just seem to be a more controlled and deliberate.

Also, I like the way her necklace chain hangs to one side with how she’s positioned. It’s those little achievements that make beginner artist like me happy, lol!

This is also the first time I attempted two-toned hair or ombré colors.

Her eyes are angled too high, but hey, we’ll just say that’s a stylistic choice!

Well, that’s all I have for now.

Leave any comments and questions below, and as always, I’ll check you later!


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