Category: Life

Suicide By Life

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about watching people commit suicide in the traditional sense, but watching a person continuously make bad and self-destructive decisions can feel like watching them commit suicide. At least, to me it does. Especially after you’ve talked to them, helped them to see the light, the

It’s Not About What People Want To Hear…

In terms of being an artist, it’s not about what people want to hear, it’s about who’ll listen to what you have to say.

They Took What They Were Not Ready To Handle

God created them free and gave them the world, and in turn, they became slaves of the world and created their own shackles.

Bad Decisions…

Most, if not all, bad decisions are made out of fear, ignorance, or malice.

We All Want To Be Loved…

We all want to be understood just as much as we want to be loved.

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