Why Debating God is Futile

I’ve heard and seen plenty of debates about this topic and to me it seems a total waste of time, especially if you’re trying to convert someone to the “other side”.

Debating if God exists is futile

Belief in God basically boils down to how someone perceives the world and it is often times very hard, if not impossible, to change their perception.

This is a very important topic for me as it deals with how people view the world , themselves, other people, and existence itself.

Debating if God exists is a waste of time because of a simple word equation. Reality + Perception = Belief. In other words, your perception of reality leads to your belief.

People believe one of three things: God exists, God doesn’t exist, or God might exist.

You can take two people with different beliefs, one believing in God, the other not, have them watch an event unfold at the same time, and because of how they perceive the world, the Believer may see God’s hand at work, while the other just sees the work of the natural world.

active ash cloud ashes blaze
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Who is wrong? Who is right? Are they both wrong? Are they both right? When it comes to the belief in God, or the lack there of, how can you debate either one on what they perceive? Especially when there are a lot of strong cultural factors involved which further colors and emboldens that belief?

Ultimately, and most likely, if one does change their belief, its because their perception of reality was changed by some major event in their life. Their entire world view changed, and it takes a lot for that to happen, much more than a simple debate where the opponents are more focused on insulting each other’s intelligence for Believing or not Believing.

Let’s be honest, until we obtain all knowledge of everything we can neither prove nor disprove the existence of God. We can only choose to Believe, not Believe, or be on the fence about it. So, why continue the debate?


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