My top 3 personal favorites from this album are:

Believe, Thinking About, and Never Forget.

(Chemical is a close third, ha.)

This album represents the first time I really took at stab at trying to compose entire original songs, which explains its name.

In putting this together, I discovered a lot of things about myself, like how much I like guitars and violins. I’ve always enjoyed music. My mother loves music and always had music playing in the house when I was younger. There would be stacks of vinyl albums, 12’s and 45’s, all around our living room and I’d soak up the music while playing with my G.I. Joe’s and Transformers, using the album stacks as bases and war-torn battlefields, lol.

The soundtracks for many of my fictional battles were any and everything from The Beatles to Prince to Phil Collins to Barry White to The BG’s to…I could go on for days.

I was surprised with what original music I was able to create on my own. Fingering the notes and melodies, playing the chords, finding the rhythm and groove, it was all so soothing, a great stress reliever. I’ve learned that making music gives me another creative outlet to express myself when I have take a break and step away from my writing.

Having a fondness for various types of music, along with and outside of what my mother introduced me to, it was interesting to see what came out of me and I can definitely say that my music feels and sounds like, well, me. As an artist, as a creative person, that’s exactly what I wanted.


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