SHOTGUN Project Journal: Hours in the Day

This week has been hit or miss for me so far. I haven’t got as much writing done as I’ve wanted, but I’m hoping to make up for it over the weekend. You know how it is, just doesn’t seem like enough hours in the day to get everything done. Eh, enough whining.

Story wise, I’ve decided to switch up a few things in the beginning of the story concerning how Sloan and Billie first meet. Nothing major, they still cross paths in a hospital emergency room, but I’ve just tweaked a couple things in the logic of it all.

One of the supporting cast members, Sloan’s best friend Ricky, has gone through a gender change, though not a name change. It’ll definitely impact certain parts of the story in a interesting way. Just something a little different for the line of work their in, which will ultimately effect Sloan greater than it did before once certain “things” start going down. It’ll definitely make the character, a female bouncer, that much more interesting.

I’m interested to see how Billie will react to this gender change, or better yet, how Ricky will react to it, ha, ha. Either way, it’s still early, I’m just hoping to more pages done this weekend.


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