To NaNo or Not!

Every year, around this same time, lol, I go through the same thing. I’m deep into my current projects and one day I look up at the calendar and realize NaNoWriMo is just around the corner. Then I agonize over it for a bit. I want to participate and I’ve never done one, but I’m in the middle of two projects already, and I just think of all the work I can get done on my current WIPs as opposed to pouring energy into something else for 30 days.

I try to plan for it. I tell myself, well, next year I’ll have something prepared to work on, but by the time it comes around again, I’m in the same position. The same position that I’m in now. Wondering, debating, should I put my current WIPs on hold to participate in NaNo, or continue with my projects and catch NaNo next year?

It’s still early, so I’m still undecided. I have plenty of story ideas to use, but I’m dreading having to go through all the development work to get ready, especially when I’ve just finished going through development for one of my current works.

Eh, we’ll see, said the blind man.


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