SHOTGUN Project Journal: Fighting For Your Life

Been plugging along at the screenplay. Haven’t got down as much as I’ve wanted to so far, but most of my big writing days are during the weekend anyway. I scrapped my old opening and for a new one, and I’m very pleased with it. Whenever I go back to read it, to get in the zone, it instantly pulls me in to the right mindset to write this story.

Through writing the opening, I realized something about myself. It’s always great when your writing tells you something about “you”. I realized that I like for my characters to go through just about as much physical pain as they do mental/emotional pain. On almost any given page of one of my stories, you can probably find a character or two being injured, nursing an injury, or recovering from an injury.

I don’t put my characters through hell just cause I can. That would be senseless and lame, but given the dire situations I thrust them into, they often have to attempt something physically dangerous to get out of it. I’m a full believer in consequences to my characters actions. Weather my characters are in a fist fight, car chase, or a shoot out, their going to get hurt in one way or another. It’s just logical and probable. For me that makes the tension that much more intense when one has to deal with a physical “obstacle” on top of everything else.

I like for my characters to go through the grit and dirt, to fight tooth and nail,  fight through the pain and fear. They ARE fighting for their lives aren’t they? Be it physically, mentally or emotionally,  fighting for ones life, or someone elses, is never pretty. At least I don’t think it should be.

I think it’s the “anti-glamorous” side of me.


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