AMACHI vs TPD Project Journal

“AMACHI: Warrior” is my fantasy novel that I’m currently working on.

TPD or “Things People Do” is my drama spec script in it’s final stage of editing.

This week is supposed to be Amachi week, but with TPD so close to completion, I’ve opted to finish editing it this week instead. I know Amachi will not be happy with me, but she’s been standing around since 2006, so missing another week shouldn’t hurt her too much.

I’m on the last quarter of the TPD’s screenplay and I’m itching to get this round of editing over with. I started with 113 pages, and ended with 108, a couple weeks ago. I know I’ll have more cuts, I already know where most of them are, but there is still one scene that I’ll have to extend a bit.

Overall goals this week is to get the editing done, make sure the script is slim and trim without sacrificing story, and get it into the hands of some beta readers. So if anyone wanna take a gander at the script, just let me know.

It’ll be real nice if I can get through the last quarter tonight. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “AMACHI vs TPD Project Journal

  1. Ok, I’ve become a little lost so you will have to refresh my memory. Is TPD the story I was reading with the guy and two girls when I was initially following your blog??


    1. Yes, “Things People Do” is that same story. It started out as a short story, but since then has become a feature Length screenplay. You can read the first ten pages of the script here.

      It’s the beginning of the film and you’ll be able to see what happened before the parts you read on my old blog. Let me know what you think. I’m almost done editing.



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