TTABE Project Journal: So, Here’s The Story.

I started writing on Monday and I’m a good ways through the script right now. Just one of those things that hit me and I had to get it out. You know how that is, right?

Well, in my last post, I promised to tell you more about the story. So here it is.

Tell me what do you think.

To Turn A Blind Eye

It’s always been easier for Patrica Cole to ignore her husbands episodic bouts of infidelity, but After two children and years of letting her pain fester, she is at her wits end and determined to confront him about his latest affair.

Just when she is about to confront her husband, Patty loses her nerve yet again. At that same time, another person steps into the picture, another person who has a bone to pick with her husband, another person promising a more permanent resolution to both of their problems.

Patrica Cole is faced with two options, either save her husband from the dark fate that is to befall him, or do what she’s always done, and simply turn a blind eye.


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