NEW PROJECT: To Turn A Blind Eye

Yep, yep, yep! Got an idea for a new project. It’s not really new though. The idea for a particular scene came to me months ago, if not last year sometime, after I finished writing my short story “Pushed”. That one scene has stuck with me, popping back my mind every now and then.

I don’t know, if it was residual energy from finishing the edits on “Things People Do”, or the handful of Lifetime movies I’ve watched this past weekend, but that scene popped back into my head, and the rest of the entire story along with it.

I grabbed my spiral notebook and began writing. At least an hour later, I had fleshed out plot, conflict, twist, resolution, and the outline for “To Turn A Blind Eye”.  It another screenplay, another drama, a short film this time though. It hit me with enough energy that I’ve decided to work on it this week instead of Shotgun.

The way the outline has shaped up, it looks like I’ll be able to crank this one out pretty fast. I’ll let you guys know more about the story in my next post, after I’ve gotten the synopsis squared away.

2 thoughts on “NEW PROJECT: To Turn A Blind Eye

    1. Thanks. I’ve got it all mapped out. Just have to get it down now.



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