The Power of Friends: Mother’s Little Helper Cover Art

This is kind of a condensed re-post of sorts.

Back in October of ’09, I wrote a horror short called “Mother’s Little Helper”. One of my childhood friends and creative partners, Shaun Benloss, who is a fantastic freehand/graphic artist, tattoo artist (he’s done 80% of my tattoos), painter?, animator, sculptor, and master of all things visual art, liked the story and worked on a cover for it.

My good friend has taken ill, and is in the hospital at this very moment. Which is uber frustrating for me since I’m in Atlanta and he is back in New York. Stay strong my friend, I know things will get better, and you will pull through.

In posts on a blog we shared called Mythsire, I recorded the version by version creation of the cover. It’s a great cover, so I decided to post it again here on my new blog.

So, what do you think of it?

2 thoughts on “The Power of Friends: Mother’s Little Helper Cover Art

  1. I hope your friend gets better. Sounds like you guys are pretty close.

    In looking at the progression of the pics, I noticed the mother’s mouth looked a little “off”. Of course, in the final I see what the end result is.


    1. Yeah, we are pretty close. Known each other since Freshman year in High School. He’s apart of a my inner circle of creative friends, we’ve all known each other from way back in the Brooklyn projects, some of us go back to elementary school. We have always managed to stay in contact and collaborate with each other on projects through the years.



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