30 Days Of Writing: Day 4

Tell us about one of your first stories/characters!

Okay, one of my first coherent stories, lol, is one called “Dutchmen”. If I remember correctly. I wrote it sometime in the early, early, early 90’s. It was a fantasy/horror about an axe-murderer named Dutchmen. I believe it starts off in a forest with some travelers who are trying to make it to the nearest town before night fall. They don’t make it back before night fall though, and red fog rolls through the forest.

Dutchmen is out on the prowl and kills the travelers but is not satisfied with the slaughter. The travelers were too easy a kill. So, he searches for more victims. Ultimately, he comes across the home/mansion of  Edward Bane, a nobleman in the area who has a lovely wife named Rouge, and a set of triplets, one girl and two boys named, of all things, Rose, Thorn, and Bush, lol. Gotta laugh at it or love it.

Anyway, it’s a known fact that Mr. Bane is always away on business, so Dutchmen sees slaughtering the nobleman’s wife, children, and servants as the perfect way to end his evening.

Dutchmen makes his way/breaks his way into the mansion and manages to kill most of the servants before he tracks down Mrs. Bane. Standing at the top of the steps in the foyer with her three children huddled around her, Rouge confronts Dutchmen on the level below. She then sends her children down to deal with the intruder. To his surprise, Dutchman finds out that Mrs. Bane is a Namder Wolf(a form of werewolf) and as the children approach they morph into half wolf forms and blitz him. Though it’s a hard fight, Dutchmen manages to hold his own against the younglings.

More annoyed than, angered, Mrs. Bane takes over where her children left off and kills Dutchmen, tearing him to pieces. With one of her trusted servants who survived Dutchmen’s attack,  Rouge Bane dumps Dutchmen’s body in the woods.

That story is definitely an old but goodie for me. I believe I was working a sequel for it, “Dutchmen 2” where Dutchmen returns for vengeance in a Frankenstein-like manner.

I still may write it, just for old time sake. Re-write the first one, and crank out the second. I think they could be good short stories, lol.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “30 Days Of Writing: Day 4

  1. I really liked this. Very intriguing…I think you should go for it. Hit me up when the sequel’s done!


    1. I think I just might have a go at it. There were a bunch of other thing that happened with Dutchmen killing most of the servants. I think it’d be fun to rewrite.



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