TTABE Project Journal: Pulling Out The NetBook

Working on “To Turn A Blind Eye” this week and I’m about to get up to the juicy bits. As of today, I’m starting to take my little ol’ netbook to work with me so I can crank out some new words for the script during lunch.

I had a good run today. Read over what I already have, made a few changes, and added two scenes. Mrs. Patricia Cole has come to a special kind of resolve and is about to confront her husband.

I’m hoping to get a couple more scenes tonight after work, but if not, there’s always lunchtime at work tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “TTABE Project Journal: Pulling Out The NetBook

  1. I love the design of the website. Now time for me to poke around a wee bit. The netbook is a handy dandy tool. I used it a few months ago and forgot that I had Chapters on it lol – so taking your suggetion from reading here today – I will keep it close so that I can use it properly =)


    1. Hey there, how have you been? Yeah it’s a nifty little tool. It serves it’s purpose, lol.



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