30 Days Of Writing: Day 5

By age, who is your youngest character? Oldest? How about “youngest” and “oldest” in terms of when you created them?

I’ll tackle this one by creation date.

My youngest character is Patricia “Patty” Cole, born just a couple of weeks ago and the focus of my current short film screenplay, “To Turn A Blind Eye”.

Patty is a loving Mother of twins and heart-broken Wife of an habitual adulterer. She’s been out of work for the last couple years while raising the kids, and has always thought it best to set her feeling aside and ignore her husbands infidelity to keep her marriage “intact” for the sake of the children.

Once a career driven woman, Patty has been itching to get back to work, and since her children’s enrollement in private school, she’s recently landed what could possibly be her dream job. Now feeling empowered by her achievement, she’s decided not to stand for her husband’s constant betrayal any longer, and plans to catch him in the “act” and confront him about his cheating while he can’t deny it.

Of course things don’t go as smoothly as planned, but the situation is “resolved” in a way, lol.

My oldest character, or should I say, oldest and most solidified character, creation date wise, is a woman by the name of Bloodshed.

Well, her real name is Vul’Tradah Pre’Osto, Bloodshed is her “codename”. I believe she was born/created back in 1990. At the time, I was tired of stories revolving around the good guys, so my rebellious ass created a bad guy to write about. As far as I can remember, it has been 20 years since, Vul’Tradah is/was the last surviving member of a cult called Black Death, and her goal is/was to resurrect her fallen comrades and restore Black Death to it’s former glory. Pretty straight forward.

I thought up plenty of stories for Vul’Trahdah. Tons of development hours were spent on her between another one of my good artist friends, D. Brown, and myself. So much so that, after a point, Bloodshed became OUR character.

Bloodshed was rather unique to our universe because she was a bad guy that was tolerated by good guys, because she hunted and killed other bad guys. She had a twisted logic about killing off the competition to make Black Death’s return to power easier….yeah, I know, lol. Hey, this was over 20 years ago.

Though she was created in 1990, Bloodshed wasn’t actually draw out until 1991 or ‘92. Most of the pictures below are dated in bottom right corner. I believe their dated between ‘92 and ‘95.

Why D. Brown dated the drawings, I don’t know. He doesn’t even know. It’s something that we’ve talked and laughed about over the years.

At any rate, while I was tired of stories about good guys, I was also tired of characters wearing the same suite/costumes/uniforms 85% of the time. So, I designed eight costumes for Bloodshed, and each costume had a different set of weapons she used. Along with the ability to use a  form of Dark Magic, she had an arsenal of enchanted weapons, and a familiar of sorts named “Topaz” which was a shape changing Orb. Topaz maintained a different shape depending on what costume Vul’Trahdah wore.

For a long time, Bloodshed was my “Flagship” character. She was the elite. She was so top-tier that I dared not attempt to officially write anything about her and tarnish her image with my feeble writing skills at the time, lol. Even thinking about it today, I’m hesitant to write anything for her. I still don’t feel ready.

Isn’t that crazy? lol

Anyway, the illustrations of her eight costume are posted below, click the thumbnails for a better look.

Bloodshed Costumes
Costume 1: Original Design
Costume 2: Modern Suite
Costume 3: Death Suite
Costume 4: Commando Suite
Costume 5: Snow Suite
Costume 6: Knight Suite
Costume 7: Sadist Suite
Costume 8: Mech Suite


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