30 Days Of Writing: Day 18

My favorite Antagonist would be a rather malicious demonic soul by the name of Eiradaht. I love that name. I just like saying it. Eiradaht. Anyway, “Eiradaht” wreaked havoc in my short story “Mother’s Little Helper”.

Why is she my favorite? Because she was so devious. Not only did she trick a little boy into believing that she was the spirit of his dead mother, but she also convinced him to help her kill other people so she could eat their souls. She revealed in the act of corrupting the little boy, Bryan, pushing him to the point of murder all in the hopes “getting his mother back”. In the end, she killed Bryan, took his form, and ventured out into the dead of night to claim more victims as a helpless child.

She also threatened me with bodily harm if I did not put her into another story so she could eat more souls. I’m working on that one. I have a couple ideas, but Eiradaht will just have to wait her turn before being given the spotlight again.


  1. Agatha82 says:

    Yikes, that’s one nasty character…I’d be spooked if they were threatening me…eeek


  2. Sounds like a very evil character!


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