30 Days Of Writing: Day 19

Favorite minor that decided to shove himself into the spotlight and why?

At first this was yet another hard question to answer, but after some serious thinking, I found a winner.

The answer to this question is a Korean female in her mid 20’s named Kyung Mi Woo aka Kyky. She is the co-worker, “partner”, and self-proclaimed best friend of Kevin Sloan, the male lead in “Shotgun”.

Why did I pick Kyky? Well because originally she started out as a White guy named Ricky, then she turned into a Puerto Rican dude with the same name, then “Ricky” switched genders on me. Then she went from Puerto Rican to White, to Chinese, to Japanese, and now Korean which is what I’m pretty sure she’ll stay.

So now Ricky is Kyky. In the beginning Ricky was just a bit character, a friend of Sloan’s that you saw maybe once or twice and then would be killed towards the end of the screenplay. Kyky on the other hand, has other ideas. I’m not sure exactly what they all are just yet. I haven’t interviewed her, but being that Sloan’s closest friend is now female, that does add a certain dynamic/layer to his love at first sight situation with Billie.

Also, I’ll be partially exploring the rather interesting realm of “female bouncers” through Kyky. I’ve been doing some research, not sure how much of it I’ll be able to put in the script, but we’ll see.

So, Kyky went from White male to Korean female, from being a bit character to a “more involved” character, I’m not sure if she’s still going to die though. I have to see how things play out and figure which, between her life or death, will have more of an effect on the story.


  1. That’s a lot of changes she’s gone through to get to this point.


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