30 Days Of Writing: Day 20

What are your favorite character interactions to write?

I like to write arguments, panic, and initial confrontations. Why? Because I believe those are the moments where people are most out of control emotionally and are most likely to show their true colors, to express their true feelings and say/do things that they sometimes cannot take back.

What draws me to those interactions most is dialog. I like the back and forth rapid fire exchange of heated words between characters, each desperately trying to be heard. Rhetorical questions, Smart ass remarks, verbal threats delivered cold as ice, all those things make me salivate.

I guess it’s because, through my characters, I get to say things that I normally have more self-control not to. So speaking through my characters is a defiant release for me

4 thoughts on “30 Days Of Writing: Day 20

  1. I like inner thoughts, because my boy has a bad temper so when he is under stress, he tends to just curse, kick things or punch people lol


  2. I love writing dialog that includes arguments. You are so right…it’s like a rapid response sort of thing and helps when I’m stressed in real life.


    1. Yup, definitely therapeutic, lol.



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