SHOTGUN Project Journal: Putting The Pieces Together

Not a big post this time.

I’m still reworking my old development for SHOTGUN. I worked on my project calendar this morning, trying to put all the pieces together, and it looks like I’ll be in “re-development” for the next two weeks.

This week, I’ll be working on my second protagonist, two antagonist, the Outline, and then three of my subplot characters. I’m trying to work on one character a day with my limited time. Today, I’ll be working on/interviewing Kevin Sloan, one of my two protagonists. A kind-hearted street fighter of sorts.

I already have all the characters developed for the script, I’m just modifying that old info and reworking it as a character interviews to see if I can pull more out of my creations.

If all goes as planned, I really won’t dive into any actual writing until Feb 21st, which will leave me with eight days of writing for the month. I’m hoping to be able to double or triple up and knock out my characters faster than scheduled so I’ll have more time to write this month. That would be ideal.

I’ll keep you posted.

QQ: Are your projects going as planned? Are you behind schedule, ahead of schedule, and why?


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