SHOTGUN Project Journal: I Spy With My Scribere “I”

I spy with my Scribere “I” a productive last week. Things went as smooth as they could go. At one point I was even two days ahead of schedule, but then I had to work this weekend, so my progress has been pushed back and I’m actually behind a day now. No worries though, I’m sure I’ll catch up this week. I have two and a half character interviews to finish then it’s on to the Sequences.

The best part about last week was fleshing out my two Antagonists, Angelo Giavoni and Black, some pretty bad dudes. What was so fun about interviewing them was discovering how they both came to be so “bad”. There has to be some real reasons behind it, right? They’re not just bad to be bad, they weren’t born bad, no one is “just evil”. You see, just like real people, Angelo and Black have gone through some pretty rough circumstances that’s made them the way they are. It was great finding out what those circumstances were, hearing them talk about it, and figuring out how those things will effect/enhance the story.

Another highlight for me this week was interviewing Bobby, the sister of Billie, one of my two Protagonists. When I first saw Bobby in my head, she was a mild-mannered homemaker, but when I sat down to interview her, she told me she was a Police Officer in Savannah. I said, “…Okay” and she just went on from there. Funny how characters can suddenly change on you and it’s great when the change is for the better. Bobby being a Police Officer adds a bit of spice to the story especially with some of the things Billie has done/will do. It makes certain situations kind of…sticky and definitely more intense than they were going to be originally. That’s a good thing.

Also, I’ve decided to take part in ScriptFrenzy this April. I’ve always wanted to participate, but like with NaNoWriMo, my project scheduling has never permitted me to until now. So, I’m in prep mode, getting things in order so that on that fateful date, 4-1-11, all I’ll have to do is write.

Well, that’s it for now.


How has you’re writing week been?

2 thoughts on “SHOTGUN Project Journal: I Spy With My Scribere “I”

  1. I love how real your characters are, even when they just appear inside your head like Bobby, with a different story than you might have given her yourself.


    1. Thanks, Madison
      It took a long hard road for me to get to this point, lol. I remember years ago my character development was extremely rigid, no room for change. Now, it’s like a free for all, lol.



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