TPD Project Journal: Wrap Up – Start Up


Okay, so my month of Shotgunning has come to an end. It was a good run, a good month. I achieved all my goals save one. I wasn’t able to layout all the scenes for the entire film. I did about half the script and that while battling off and on sickness, dealing with the death of one of my best childhood friends, and celebrating the 1st birthday of my son. Given the circumstances, I think I did rather well.

Scenes flowed easily once I started putting them down, and my love for all the characters grew seeing them tossed into increasingly difficult situations and forced to sink or swim. I can’t wait to finish laying out the rest of the screenplay and then finally start breathing life into the characters with real dialog and action, but that’s not until March.


Ahh, back to some real writing. Last I left off, in January,  I added about 30-something brand new pages to the second draft. Basically setting up the characters, the framework for their intertwining relationships, and the world they live in. I’ve been thinking about the story nearly all day, and during my drive to and from work, trying to get my head back into it. Though SHOTGUN and TPD are both drama’s, they’re drastically different from each other. SG has a lot more violent action, as you would expect given it’s title, and TPD is a bit more cerebral/emotional, not so say that SG isn’t cerebral, but, you know…

Either way, I’ll be reading over my brand new 30-something pages for TPD, trying not to edit — as much —  as I do, so that I can slip back into the proper emotional mindset to write, then I’ll be hitting the keyboard hard trying to finish this draft by the end of the month. All of the development is done. All I have to do now is write.

I’ll keep ya updated.

QQ: How’s the progress going with your writing? Behind schedule? On Schedule? Ahead of Schedule? Do you even have a schedule? lol

3 thoughts on “TPD Project Journal: Wrap Up – Start Up

  1. I am behind schedule. Forgive and Forget hasn’t been completed. Sigh. I’m eager to get back to it. I have a computer at home now so hopefully I can.


    1. Yeah, you should get back to it. What’s the hold up? lol


  2. Um I already answered this. Lol.



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