For The First Time…#ScriptFrenzy

ScriptFrenzy is upon us!

For those of you who may not know what ScriptFrenzy is, it’s a yearly event, every April, where screenwriters get together to meet an overall goal of writing a screenplay of at least 100.pgs in 30 days. You can go to the ScriptFrenzy site, set up your page, buddy list other writers, and read through resource pages about the art and craft of screenwriting.

Some areas across the nation have write-ins, where writers living within close proximity of each other, actually meet up to write, talk, network, laugh, cry, stare at blank screens, sneer at the few writers typing up a storm, and have laptop smashing sessions. Well, so I hear this is what goes on. I’ve never been to a write-in, but I can’t imagine it not being a fun experience.

This year, I’ll be a first time participant of ScriptFrenzy and can’t wait to get started. My project is ready for the most part. Last month, I tried to layout all the scenes for my script, but only made it about half way through the screenplay. That fine though, no worries. I’m planning to use the momentum of writing, along with my outline and sequences, to propel myself through the second half of the script despite the unplanned scenes.

I’ve been working on “Things People Do” this month and I welcome the change in projects. it’s about time to sink my teeth into some of my other characters.

I’m not alone in all this either, a couple of my Twitter-Friends are taking the plunge with me: @monalinyc, @nisajaie, and @christietaylor just to name a few. I’m very interested in seeing how we all progress, what unforeseen obstacles we’ll face. I don’t really feel pressured by the April 30th deadline though. There’s all sorts of strategies to reach the page count goal. A simple tactic is to make sure you write somewhere around 3 1/2 to 4 pages a day.

I’m really hoping to attend a Write-In this year, so I’ll be looking out for any going on in the Atlanta area. If anyone else is participating in ScriptFrenzy, why not add me to your buddylist so we can all support and cheer each other on? My username is: scribereglyph, of course.

See you on April 1st!

Are joining ScriptFrenzy? Are you mentally prepared? Is your project ready? Are you worried about the page count goal?

Not your first ScriptFrenzy? Share your past ScriptFrenzy experience. Any advice for first-timers?

18 thoughts on “For The First Time…#ScriptFrenzy

  1. I’ve heard about this, would have loved to take part as I am wanting to do a screenplay of my novel, but I am just too busy still working on said nove stilll. Shame really, oh well, I need to look up HOW TO write a script anyway, I haven’t got a clue.

    Best of luck with it!


    1. Hey, Alannah, how are you?

      No worries, ScriptFrenzy swings around every year like NaNoWriMo. So, maybe you can join the fun next April. In terms of learning how to write a screenplay, one of the first sites that I came across when I first started is It’s pretty straight forward. Goes over screenwriting elements, terminology, and best practices with examples. I plug it to anyone wanting to learn about screenwriting.

      So, in other news, how is you novel coming along?


      1. Thanks for that, I’ll save it as one of my faves, definitely something I will attempt one day.

        Novel is coming along fine, I’ve re-written the first few chapters as I felt I needed things to be a bit more intriguing, now I’m trying to figure out how to merge things with what I previously have.

        Glad to see you’re keeping busy, I’ve been so busy with re-writing, plus designing my own business cards that I haven’t even had much chance to write my blog very often, let alone visit others. Trying to organise myself so I have time for everything.


        1. Yeah, I neglected my blog most of March, but now, my energies and strategies have been renewed. Speaking of business cards, I tried to design some a while back, but was stumped on the design. How are you getting your’s done?


  2. Please tell us how it is coming along for you! I’ve considered Script Frenzy as well (I think I’d be doing a script for a graphic novel or a “TV adaptation” of a collaboration that I have done with a friend), but due to other projects and a life on this side of the screen that demanded my full attention for some time, I’m not going to make it this year. Perhaps next year. 🙂


    1. I definitely will share my Screnzy journey with you guys. Just like you, I was unable to participate in the past beccause projects/life just didn’t line up for it, but this year, everything seems to have fallen in place.

      Like you said, there’s always next year, and that’s the beauty of it!


      1. Looking forward to hearing about it. Maybe I’ll get envious enough to take the time next year. 😉
        Maybe it’s as addicting as NaNoWriMo.


        1. NaNo is yet another event I must find time to participate in. Maybe I’ll attempt next year if not caught up with ScriptFrenzy again.


  3. I *highly* recommend Screnzy if you one of those people who always talks about getting a script written and never seems to find the time to do it. It can be a huge motivator to have a deadline and a support group like this.

    You asked for advice for newbies, I actually have a Script Frenzy website with tons of advice for newbies here:

    Best of luck to everyone taking on this challenge!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Hillary!

      Your Screnzy site is very cool, full of great info from the quick look I just took. The ScriptFrenzy desktop backgrounds look great. I might have to snatch one up. I’ll pour through the rest of your site tonight to see what other gems you have, lol.


  4. Yay! I’m not mentally prepared at all! Hopefully that changes soon….


    1. Hey, Hannah, how ya been?

      I’m sure you’ll get your head in gear for event. So, is your project ready? Are you going it “alone”?


  5. Oh, good luck, J! Not that you need it. I’m impressed by your work ethic. Go go go! 😀


    1. Thanks, Merc!
      I’m just trying to be like you, lol!



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